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Why Install Split System Air Conditioning?

Ductless Heating & Cooling

Split System Air Conditioners both heat & cool. Perfect for year-round use in Geelong & Melbourne’s climate.

Energy Efficient

Save on running costs with up to 6 star Energy Ratings

Budget Friendly To Buy & Install

Economical heating & cooling solution for your room or open plan area

Best Solution For Room Air Conditioning

No need for ducts and vents, Split Systems will heat and cool the room or open plan area they are installed in

Optional Features

New generation Split Systems have many features to choose from, such as programmable, WIFI control, self cleaning and quiet mode

We Don't Sell Every Brand, Only The Best!

There are many brands out there. We understand customers rely on us for expert advise and we only install the brands we believe in.

Split System Comparison Chart, Costs & Rebates

2024 Split System Air Conditioner Comparison Chart. Compares Costs And Features.
Government Rebates For Replacing Gas Space Heating With Electric Split System

What is Split System Air Conditioning?

Split System Air Conditioning is the most economic way to both Heat and Cool a room or area.

Split Systems get their name as they are ‘split’ into 2 units, 1 indoor and 1 outdoor. The indoor unit, or ‘head’ is attached to a wall inside your house and provides either heating or cooling, depending on what setting you have it on. It works in conjunction with a compressor unit which is located outside your house.

Split Systems are the most cost effective solution for both heating and cooling individual rooms, in terms of installation and running costs.

There are 3 different air conditioning functions you can use – heating, cooling or just fan, making it a perfect year-round solution.

They come in a range of sizes, suitable for small rooms to large open plan areas.

Are you wanting more than 1 Split System? A Multi-Head Split System might be the answer.

Multi-Heat Split Systems use 1 outdoor compressor unit to run multiple indoor heads. This is a great option if you want multiple rooms air conditioned but your house design doesn’t allow for a ducted system.

No. The Split system indoor unit is installed on the wall in the room it is to be used in.

The outdoor unit is installed outside, usually on the other side of the wall.

The size of the area that you want to heat or cool, along with other factors such as orientation, insulation, the amount of sunlight entering the room and ceiling height will determine what size system you need.

it is important to get this right as an incorrectly sized unit can use extra electricity.

If you get a unit which too big,  it can heat or cool your room quickly then turn off. Then turn back on when the room temperature rises or falls again. This on/off cycling draws extra power than a properly size air conditioner would.

If you get a unit which is too small, it will constantly be trying to reach desired temperature which can cause the outdoor compressor to constantly run at a high level, which will utilize more power.

Our Split System Air Conditioner Room Size Chart (see  below) can help you calculate which Split System may be right for your home, but our technicians will always verify your house’s details with you to ensure you are getting the correct sized unit.

Rinnai Split System cashback offer winter 2024
Split System Aircon Sizing Guide Chart

Split System Features

At the push of a button, split systems keep you feeling fresh when the mercury rises.

In colder months, they provide consistent warmth at your preferred temperature.

Or they can be used in fan-only mode to circulate the air.

They are the perfect solution to heat and cool individual rooms and in terms of energy efficiency.

Split systems run off electricity, so those with solar power will benefit from extra savings.

The systems are cost-effective, versatile, easy to install, quiet, and designed to fit in just about any room or living space.

They are available in up to 6 star energy ratings,  good for you and good for the environment.

See our installation and running costs section below.

A range of models cater to all room sizes, from small bedrooms and studies to large open plan living areas.

Program your wall controller to set automatic on and off times

Features vary between brands and models, so let us know what features are important to you…

  • WIFI connectivity via smart phone app – warm or cool your house before you get home
  • Quite mode
  • Turbo function – quick heating/cooling
  • Sleep mode – auto adjusts temperature for comfortable sleeping
  • 3D airflow – blades move horizontally & vertically
  • Dehumidifying mode
  • Proximity sensor – save energy while you are out of the room
  • Self cleaning mode
  • Anti frost mode
Qualified Tradesman Specializing In Home Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning And Hot Water
Qualified Tradesman Specializing In Home Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning And Hot Water
Split System Air Conditioner Installed On Lounge Room Wall Being Controller By A Remote
Spit System Air Conditioners Are Suitable To Install In Most Rooms Of The House
Rinnai Split System Aircon Outdoor Unit On Concrete Pad
Actron Air Split System Indoor Unit On Wall
Actron Air Split System Outdoor Unit On Wall
Daikin Multi-Split Aircon System Indoor Head Unit
Mitsubishi Split System Outdoor Unit On Wall Bracket
Rinnai Split System Indoor Unit
2 Split System Air Conditioner Outdoor Units
Martin Heating & Cooling Technicians
Vans With Martin Heating Cooling Company Logo
Qualified Tradesman Specializing In Home Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning And Hot WaterSplit System Air Conditioner Installed On Lounge Room Wall Being Controller By A RemoteSpit System Air Conditioners Are Suitable To Install In Most Rooms Of The HouseRinnai Split System Aircon Outdoor Unit On Concrete PadActron Air Split System Indoor Unit On WallActron Air Split System Outdoor Unit On WallDaikin Multi-Split Aircon System Indoor Head UnitMitsubishi Split System Outdoor Unit On Wall BracketRinnai Split System Indoor Unit2 Split System Air Conditioner Outdoor UnitsMartin Heating & Cooling TechniciansVans With Martin Heating Cooling Company Logo

Split System Air Conditioning Installation & Running Costs

The cost to supply and install a Split System Air Conditioner vary depending on:

  • The size required for your room or area
  • The star rating of your split system
  • Features you want
  • Where the unit is to be installed
  • Brand and Model

Keep in mind the initial purchase price is also related to running costs.

Generally, the lower the star rating (eg 2 or 3 star), the cheaper the system is to initially purchase however, the running costs will be higher than a 4, 5, or 6 star.

Whereas the higher the star rating (eg 5 or 6 star), the more expensive to initially purchase, however the running costs are much lower.

New units start from approximately $2,250 fully installed.

All of our quoted prices are fully inclusive fixed prices, including any electrical works required, no sneaky hidden costs!

Don’t leave your installation to just anyone! Make sure your installers are qualified, licenced and up to date with all regulations and manufacturer guidelines to ensure you installation is legal and does not void the manufacturer warranty.

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The running costs of your Split System will depend on various factors including:

  • Your house size
  • Your electricity tariff
  • How often you use it and for how long

Check out our Cooling System Selection guide for current estimated hourly $ running costs

We only recommend and install heating & cooling systems which have a proven track record for quality, value for money and longevity.

Wall Split System Air Conditioning brands we work with include Actron Air Split Systems, Daikin Split Systems, Mitsubishi Split Systems, Rinnai Split Systems and Fujitsu Split Systems.

Check out our Split System brand comparison chart to see what features they offer and how much they cost to buy and install.

Other Heating & Cooling Options...

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We have Heating only, Cooling only, or combined Heating & Cooling options to suit all homes and budgets.
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