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Why Install Evaporative Cooling?

Very Energy Efficient

Up to 75% more energy efficient than refrigerated cooling

Cost Effective

The most cost effective way to cool your entire home in Geelong & Melbourne

Doesn't Recycle Or Dry Out Air

Draws in fresh air from outside, rather than recycling indoor air

Adds Value To Your Home

Upgrade to a whole home cooling solution

Fresh, Clean Air

Pollens and pollutants are filtered out

Up to 9 Year Extended Warranty

Brivis Extended Warranty program allows up to 9 years extended warranty

What is Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative Cooling is a popular whole-house cooling solution for Geelong & Melbourne homes.

Evaporative Coolers, also known as Evaporative Air Conditioners, are a cooling unit which sits on top of your roof and is connected to a series of ducts and outlets throughout your home.

The rooftop unit draws in fresh outdoor air.  The air travels through dampened pads, cooling and filtering it of dust and other pollutants. This gives the cooled air a fresh, natural feel.

A fan pushes the cool air throughout the house via a series of ducts and vents. This is where science takes over. You need to open windows in the rooms you want cooled. The incoming cool air pushes the hot air out of the window. Now you have a cool, refreshing breeze running through your house.

As they only need electricity to run a fan and water pump, Evaporative Cooling is extremely energy efficient, with running costs often compared to that of a ceiling fan!

As Evaporative Cooling relies on evaporating moisture from wet filter pads, they work best in dry heat, making them a popular choice for Victorian homes.

Evaporative Coolers sit on top of your roof.

They need a dedicated series of ducts in your roof, with outlets in your ceiling.

For this reason, your house needs to have room in your roof for the ducts.

Placement of your Evaporative Cooler is very important for future servicing and warranty purposes. Don’t risk a non-compliant install, ensure your installers are familiar with manufacturer and OHS requirements!

In order to work out which size Evaporative Cooler is required for your home, a member from our design team will need to carry out Cooling Load Calcuation. Both Kilowatts and Airflow Litres Per Second  need to be determined to find the right model for your home.

The calculation takes into consideration the size of the rooms required to be cooled, as well as the ceiling height.

Brivis Contour Evaporative Cooler in charcoal on roof
Diagram Of Brivis Evaporative Ducted Cooling System

Evaporative Cooling Features

Evaporative Cooling is by far the most economical way to cool your house.

It is up to 75% more energy efficient than refrigerated cooling.

As Evaporative Coolers only use electricity to run and fan and water pump, their running costs have been compared to the cost of running a ceiling fan!

Evaporative Coolers do not recycle air, they continuously draw fresh air from outside.

As the air is drawn into the Evaporative Cooler, it is filtered by water, removing impurities and pollens from the air.

You can also use your Evaporative Cooler in fan-only mode, effectively turning your cooler into a whole-house fan.

A great way to circulate fresh air throughout your home.

Choice of 3 colours – Charcoal, Terracotta Red & Beige

Available in both Classic profile & Slimline profile, which are sloped to sit against your roof.

There are different wall-mounted controllers for different budgets and feature requirements.

For those who like a simple on/off with fan and temperature control, there are basic manual controllers.

Programmable wall controllers such as Brivis’ NC6 allow for more control over your system and use of features such as WIFI, daily and weekly programs and allow you to also control your Brivis Gas Ducted Heater.

For technology fans, you can upgrade to a touchscreen such as Brivis’ NC7 touch.

Brivis Evaporative Cooler standard features include:

  • Tough UV protected plastic casing, built for Australian conditions
  • Self Cleaning water pump
  • Winterseal – prevent unwanted drafts and heat escaping during winter
  • Automatically refreshes the tank with clean water after a set amount of cycles
  • Removes stagnant water when not in use
  • Available in 3 colours
  • Quiet operation

Optional features include:

  • Slimline profile
  • Aquasave – save up to 45% on water consumption
  • Motorised winter seal

Up to 9 years extended warranty available on Brivis Evaporative Coolers

Qualified Tradesman Specializing In Home Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning And Hot Water
Qualified Tradesman Specializing In Home Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning And Hot Water
Side View Of An Evaporative Cooler Installed On A Roof
Inside View Of A Brivis Evaporative Cooler
Diagram Of Brivis Evaporative Ducted Cooling System
Brivis Evaporative Cooler In Terra Red Installed On A Roof
Brivis Promina Evaporative Cooler In Charcoal Installed On A Roof
Qualified Tradesman Specializing In Home Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning And Hot WaterSide View Of An Evaporative Cooler Installed On A RoofInside View Of A Brivis Evaporative CoolerDiagram Of Brivis Evaporative Ducted Cooling SystemBrivis Evaporative Cooler In Terra Red Installed On A RoofBrivis Promina Evaporative Cooler In Charcoal Installed On A Roof

Evaporative Cooling Installation & Running Costs

The cost to supply and install Evaporative Cooling varies depending on:

  • The size of the Evaporative Cooler your house requires
  • Whether its an entire new install (where you need ducts & vents installed) or a replacement unit only
  • How many ducts and vents you need
  • Features you want eg. slimline profile

Replacement Evaporative Cooling units (using existing ducts & vents) start from $3,000 fully installed

New Brivis Evaporative Coolers (including ducts & vents) start from approximately $4,600 fully installed

Fill out our easy online Enquiry form and receive a customised quote for your home.

All of our quoted prices are fully inclusive fixed prices, including any electrical works required, no sneaky hidden costs!

The running costs of your Evaporative Cooler will depend on various factors including:

  • Your house size
  • Your electricity tariff
  • How often you use it and for how long

Check out our Cooling System Selection guide and compare running costs.

We only recommend and install heating & cooling systems which have a proven track record for quality, value for money and longevity.

In our experience of servicing all brands of Evaporative Coolers, Brivis units are reliable, have a long track record and are made in Australia for Australian conditions.

They also come with 5 years parts and labour warranty, extendable up to 9 years warranty with Brivis Service Advantage Program.

For these reasons, we are happy to partner with Brivis as authorised contractors, which also means great deals for our customers

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