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Why Install an Instant Hot Water System?

Unlimited Hot Water Usage

Heat water as you need it, so you will never run out hot water again

Up to 7 Star Energy Rating

Utilise Natural Gas with 6 & 7 star rated models available

Precise temperature control

Heat to your desired temperature every time

Instant Hot Water Systems

Instant Hot Water Systems are also known as Instantaneous or Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems. They can be installed in most Geelong & Melbourne homes with only minor upgrades

Instantaneous Hot Water Systems are slimline units attached to the your wall, usually externally, however there are models which can be located internally.

With the assistance of a Remote Temperature Controller. they  can heat water to your chosen temperature each and every time you turn on your hot water tap.

They provide hot water on demand, with the biggest benefit being you will never run out of hot water again.

As there is no water storage tank, they don’t take up much room, which is great if you are limited for space outside.

Instantaneous Natural Gas Hot Water models are available in 6 & 7 Star ratings, making them more energy efficient with lower running costs than a 5 star Natural Gas Tank. This has made them an increasingly popular choice of water heater in Australia.

Although they are available in LPG models, we don’t recommend this due to the higher running cost of LPG.

Electric Instantaneous Hot Water system have a very limited use, most commonly in office situations servicing 1 or 2 hot water taps.

Due to the large volumes of electricity needed at once, they are mostly small units restricted to 3 phase power setups and off-peak tariffs cannot be used.

If you currently have a gas tank system, upgrading to an Instantaneous / Continuous Flow hot water system is usually straight forward.

However, in some cases, you may need to upgrade your existing gas supply pipe.

As they require a small amount of electricity for the ignition and temperature control, if you don’t already have a weatherproof outdoor power point near your existing hot water system, one will need to be installed.

We work with most hot water brands including:

  • Rinnai – including Hotflo, B2B & Infinity 26 Continuous Flow and Sunmaster Solar ranges
  • Rheem Hot Water Systems
  • Dux Hot Water Systems
  • Aquamax Hot Water Systems
  • Bosch Hot Water Systems
  • Vulcan Hot Water Systems
Rinnai Infinity Continuous Flow Hot Water System installed on wall

Other Hot Water Options...

Solar Hot Water SystemsInstantaneous Hot Water SystemsTank Hot Water Systems
Rinnai Hotflow Tank Hot Water System, Can Run On Electricity Or Gas

Tank Hot Water Systems

Electric Tank and Gas Tank Hot Water Systems are durable and budget-friendly to install

Heat Pump Hot Water System Are Similar Size To Traditional Hot Water Systems But With A Fraction Of The Running Costs

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Heat Pump Hot Water systems utilize electricity and are very energy efficient

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