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Why Install Add On Cooling?

Already have Gas Ducted Heating?

If you already have a compatible Gas Ducted Heater, you can Add On Refrigerated Cooling

Best of Both Worlds

Enjoy the warm cosyness of Gas Heating pus climate-controllable Refrigerated Cooling

Shared features

Shares the same features you already have for your Gas Ducted Heater, for a seamless experience

Whole House Heating & Cooling

Together with your Gas Ducted Heater, provides year round heating & cooling


Set a timer or weekly program to suit your lifestyle and save on running costs

Save Money With Zoning

Those with zoning can heat & cool only the rooms needed

What is Add On Cooling?

Add On Cooling connects to your Gas Ducted Heater to give you year-round central heating & cooling

To achieve year-round comfort, the installation of an Add On cooling System may be the answer.

As the name suggests, Add On Cooling adds onto your existing compatible Gas Ducted Heating System and utilises the same ducts and vents.

Add On Cooling is Refrigerated, meaning it will cool the air to the temperature you select, regardless of the outside temperature. It utilizes electricity, benefiting those with solar panels.

Keep your entire home cosy in winter with Gas Ducted Heating and fresh in summer with Refrigerated Cooling.

Note: your existing Gas Ducted Heater model needs to be compatible with Add On Cooling. If you are not sure, if it is, our experienced staffs members will be able to help you.

It will use the same ducts and vents as your Gas Ducted Heater, this can either be in the ceiling or under floor dependent on your home.

However, please note in order to use your existing ducts, your ductwork must have an insulation rating of R1.5 and be sized correctly for both heating & cooling.

In order to determine which size Add On Cooler is required for your home, a member from our design team will need to carry out a Cooling Load Calcuation.

The calculation takes into consideration the size of the rooms required to be cooled, as well as the ceiling height.

Factors such as whether you want to cool the entire home at once, or utilize zoning also come into consideration.

Your Gas Ducted Heater must also be sized appropriatly to suit your Add On Cooler.

Diagram showing Add On Cooling system in house
Ceiling Vents For Gas Ducted Heater With Add On Cooler

Add On Cooling Features

Refrigerated Cooling allows you to set your desired temperature, giving you complete steady control over your home’s climate.

That means if you set it to 20 degrees, it will cool to 20 degrees and maintain that temperature level.

This differs from Evaporative Cooling where you cannot set a target temperature.

Love the cosy warm feel of Gas Heating? Enjoy the best of both worlds with Gas Heating and Add On Cooling, both ducted throughout your home.

Zoning is great for saving money on running costs as you are only cooilng the rooms you currently need, plus its programmable, so it can automatically turn on and off at different periods.

For example, you might have your living areas as Zone A, which you cool during the day.

And bedrooms as Zone B which you cool during the night.

Want to know more about the ins and outs of Zoning?

Have a read of our What is Zoning page or ask one of our friendly staff members

Compatible Add On Cooling can share the same features as your Gas Ducted Heater, including:

  • Ducts & Vents
  • Controller
  • Zoning
  • WIFI
Qualified Tradesman Specializing In Home Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning And Hot Water
Qualified Tradesman Specializing In Home Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning And Hot Water
Diagram Showing Add On Cooling System In House
Kitchen With Square Ceiling Vents For Home Ducted, Air Conditioning System
Ceiling Vents For Gas Ducted Heater With Add On Cooler
Qualified Tradesman Specializing In Home Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning And Hot WaterDiagram Showing Add On Cooling System In HouseKitchen With Square Ceiling Vents For Home Ducted, Air Conditioning SystemCeiling Vents For Gas Ducted Heater With Add On Cooler

Add On Cooling Installation & Running Costs

The cost to supply and install Add On Cooling vary depending on:

  • The size and model Add On Cooler your home requires
  • Whether its a new install (where you need ducts & vents installed) or a replacement Add On Cooling unit
  • If your Gas Ducted Heater is compatible or needs to be upgraded
  • Whether your ductwork is sized and has an insulation rating appropriate for Add On Cooling

New Add On Coolers  start from approximately $7,000 fully installed

All of our quoted prices are fully inclusive fixed prices, including any electrical works required, no sneaky hidden costs!

The running costs of your Add On Cooler will depend on various factors including:

  • Your house size
  • Your electricity tariff
  • If you have solar to offset electricity running costs
  • How often you use it and for how long
  • If you have zoning

Check out our Cooling System Selection guide for current estimated hourly $ running costs

We only recommend and install heating & cooling systems which have a proven track record for quality, value for money and longevity.

Add On Cooling brands we supply and install include Brivis & Actron Air.

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