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Compare installation & running costs for different types of home heating, cooling & air conditioning systems.

2024 Split System Air Conditioner comparison chart. Compares costs and features.
Compare installation and running costs of home cooling and air conditioning systems
Compare installation and running costs of home heating and air conditioning systems
The Importance of Energy Star Ratings

Energy Ratings, also know as Star Ratings as the rating can be visually represented with stars, is a great way for consumers to compare the efficiency of appliances easily.

Appliances which carry an energy rating have been tested for energy efficiency and energy consumption against similar sized products.

Running costs and savings depend on the size of your house, which in turn determines the size (in kilowatts) of the heating, cooling or air conditioning unit you need. For example, if you need a 3.5kw split system, you could buy a 4, 5 or 6 star rated system. All would be suitable for your home, but while the 4 star would be cheaper to buy, the running costs would be higher.

To demonstrate how much real dollar savings star ratings can make, below we have compared 3 different models of Gas Ducted Heaters. It shows potential savings over the life of the heater if you purchased a 6 star model instead of a 3 star.our Gas Ducted Heater. It shows potential saving over the life of the unit, if you purchased a 6 star heater rather than a 3 star.

Upgrade your Gas Ducted Heater
from 3 Star to 6 Star rating and
Save on Running Costs

IMPORTANT: Savings are indicative only and are calculated over 15 years (average lifespan of a Gas Ducted Heater). Does not take into consideration individual house design. Savings based on data from Sustainability Victoria, current at 31/01/23.

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