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Why Install a Heat Pump Hot Water System?

Cheap Running Costs

Save 60-75% on running costs compared to traditional electric tank systems

Environmentally Friendly

Less energy required = reduced Greenhouse gases

Utilises Electricity

Those with Solar panels will benefit from extra savings

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Using heat transference technology, Heat Pump Hot Water Systems use 60-75% less electricity than traditional electric tank systems

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems are also known as Heat Pump Water Heaters.

They look like traditional electric hot water cylinders, but use energy-efficient heat-transference technology, similar to that of a split system air conditioner.

There are 2 types of designs available – Integrated Systems which are contained all in 1 units and Split Systems which have the compressor and fan located in a separate unit.

Instead of using an element to heat the water like a traditional electric hot water tank, a fan in the Heat Pump Hot Water Systems pulls in heat from surrounding air. The heat is absorbed into the refrigerant which is compressed into a vapour. This process causes the vapour to increase in temperature and pressure. The heated vapour flows through coils in the tank which heats the water. At this point the vapour turns back into a liquid again and the process starts over.

Despite utilising warm air from the atmosphere, there are many models of Hot Water Heat Pumps which are suitable for houses in Geelong & Melbourne.

However, they operate more efficiently, therefore using less electricity, when air is warmer.

As it runs off electricity, those who generate their own electricity using Solar Photovolatic (PV) systems will benefit from free electricity.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems use 60-75% less electricity than a traditional electric cylinder hot water systems.

While not quite as energy efficient to run as Solar Hot Water Systems, they are more economical to install. Plus you don’t require hot water solar panels to be installed.

Currently there are government rebates for replacing less efficient water heating systems with Hot Water Heat Pump Systems, so take advantage of them while available.

Running costs can vary, depending on the ambient temperature outside and can be reduced by using off-peak electricity tariffs, if available at your house. Those with rooftop Solar Photovolatic (PV) systems will benefit by generating their own electricity.

The two major benefits of installing a Heat Pump Hot Water System are low running costs and lower environmental footprint which positively contributes to your house star rating.

Yes, you can, however Heat Pump Hot Water Systems require a dedicated electrical circuit.

If you are upgrading from an Electric Cylinder / Tank Hot Water System, you will already have this.

But if you are upgrading from Gas, you will need a new dedicated electrical circuit installed by a qualified electrician.

Another factor to consider is outdoor placement of your Heat Pump Hot Water System as it uses a fan, similar to that of a split system, no its not recommended for placement near bedroom windows.

We recommend and install Rinnai Hot Water Heat Pumps.

Other brands upon request.

Rinnai Enviroflo Hot water heat pumps use less electricity, making them environmentally friendly
Heat Pump Hot Water System are similar size to traditional hot water systems but with a fraction of the running costs

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