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Why Install Multi-Split System Air Conditioning?

Heat & Cool Multiple Rooms

Use the same outdoor compressor to run multiple indoor units

Save On Space Outside

Only 1 outdoor unit is required

No Ducts Required

Multi-Split Systems don’t require ducts

Indoor Unit Options

Choose from wall mounted, slimline outlets or ceiling cassettes

Optional Features

Split Systems have many features to choose from, such as programmable, WIFI control, self cleaning and quiet mode

We Don't Sell Every Brand, Only The Best!

There are many brands out there. We understand customers reply on us for expert advise and we only install the brands we believe in.

What is a Multi-Spilt System Air Conditioner?

A Multi-Split System Air Conditioner utilises the same outdoor unit to run multiple indoor units.

Multi-head Split Systems utilises the same technology as Split Systems.

But instead of having on 1 indoor unit and 1 outdoor, you can have multiple indoor units using the same outdoor compressor unit.

While single Split Systems are the most cost effective solution for both heating and cooling individual rooms, once you add more indoor units, the cost increases, so they are generally only used in circumstances where Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems are not possible.

There are 3 different air conditioning functions you can use – heating, cooling or just fan, making it a perfect year-round solution.

No. Multi-Split Systems do not require duct work.

Each room has its own unit which generates heating or cooling, as opposed to ducted systems which use the 1 indoor unit to heat or cool the air then distribute it out through a series of ducts.

How many rooms you want air conditioned and the size of them will depend on what size Multi-Split system (represented in KW) you need.

Slim Line Bulkhead Vents For A Ducted Home Air Conditioning System

Multi-Split System Features

Multi-Split Systems can air condition multiple rooms simultaneously.

Each room has its own remote control, allowing you to set it to the temperature you want without it affecting the other rooms.

It is important to note, while you can adjust the temperature is different rooms, ie 21C in one room and 24C in another, most system can either be used in heating or cooling mode, not both at the same time, ie you cant be cooling one room while heating another.

Some house designs don’t allow for a ducted system to be installed.

So if you are wanting to air condition multiple rooms but have for example, no roof or floor cavities to install ducts, a Multi-Head Split System might be the perfect solution.

Depending on your house design and personal preference, there are different indoor units to suit almost any home, including:

  • Wall Mounted (same as single Split Systems)
  • Ceiling Console
  • Floor Console
  • Ceiling Cassettes
  • Slim vents for concealed indoor units

Each indoor unit has its own controller which controls the temperature and fan speed for that room.

It can also be programmed to on and off at certain times.

Features vary between brands and models, so let us know what features are important to you…

  • WIFI connectivity & smart phone app – warm or cool your house before you get home
  • Quite mode
  • Turbo function – quick heating/cooling
  • Sleep mode – auto adjusts temperature for comfortable sleeping
  • 3D airflow – blades move horizontally & vertically
  • Dehumidifying mode
  • R32 refrigerant gas- the next generation of environmentally friendly of refrigerant
  • Self diagnosis
  • Proximity sensor – save energy while you are out of the room
  • Self cleaning mode
  • Anti frost mode
  • Slimline profile
Qualified Tradesman Specializing In Home Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning And Hot Water
Qualified Tradesman Specializing In Home Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning And Hot Water
Daikin Multi-Split Aircon System Indoor Head Unit
Slim Line Bulkhead Vents For A Ducted Home Air Conditioning System
Qualified Tradesman Specializing In Home Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning And Hot WaterDaikin Multi-Split Aircon System Indoor Head UnitSlim Line Bulkhead Vents For A Ducted Home Air Conditioning System

Multi-Split System Air Conditioner Installation & Running Costs

The cost to supply and install a Multi-Split System Air Conditioner vary greatly.

Factors which determine the price depend on:

  • How many rooms or areas you want to air condition
  • The size of the rooms or areas
  • The proximity of the rooms in relation to the outdoor unit
  • The type of indoor units you want
  • Your house design ie difficult access or double stories can take longer
  • The star rating of your split system
  • Features you want
  • Brand and Model

Keep in mind the initial purchase price is also related to running costs.

Generally, the lower the star rating (eg 2 or 3 star), the cheaper the heater is to initially purchase however, the running costs will be higher than a 4, 5, or 6 star.

Whereas the higher the star rating (eg 5 or 6 star), the more expensive to initially purchase, however the running costs are much lower.

Single Split Systems are very economical to run, you can check our Cooling System selection guide for estimated running costs. Just keep in mind, the more indoor units you have, the higher the running costs will be.

The running costs of your Multi-Split System will depend on various factors including:

  • How many indoor units you have
  • Your electricity tariff
  • How often you use it and for how long
  • What temperature you set it to
  • The star rating of your system

We only recommend and install heating & cooling systems which have a proven track record for quality, value for money and longevity.

Multi-Split System brands we work with include Rinnai, Actron, Daikin and Mitsubishi

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