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Why Install a Solar Hot Water System?

Low Running Costs

Save on running costs by using the power of the sun

Environmentally Friendly

Switch to Solar Hot Water and help reduce Greenhouse gases

Works Day & Night

Boosted by Electricity or Gas so you will still have hot water on cloudy days & of a night

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water allows you to be self-sufficient and generate hot water using the power of the sun

There are 3 main components in Solar Hot Water Systems – Solar Collectors, Storage Tank & Booster.

The size of your storage tank and solar collectors will depend on your household hot water requirements.

Solar Collectors

There are two types of collectors in solar hot water systems. Flat Plate Collectors and Evacuated tubes.

Flat Plates are more common, while Evacuated Tubes are more efficient and appropriate for frost-prone areas. As Victoria is in a climate prone to frost, we recommend Evacuated Tubes.

They need to be installed on a section of north-facing roof which isn’t affected by shade.

Water from the storage tank is circulated through the solar collectors. The solar collectors are designed to absorb the sun’s heat and transfer it to the water. Once the water is heated, it returns back to the storage tank.

Storage Tank

The Hot Water storage tank can either be located on the ground (Split System) or on the roof (Close Coupled).

If located on the roof, your house’s roof structure must be adequate to support the weight of all the water in the tank.

Most common is a Split System, where the storage tank is located at ground level. Water is pumped via a circulation pump from the storage tank, up through the Solar Collectors and back to the Tank. The pump requires a small amount of electricity.


To provide hot water on cloudy days or when demand exceeds supply, you need either a Gas or Electric Booster.

When deciding on whether to have a Gas or Electric Booster, you need to consider what services and tariffs your property has access to.

Gas Boosters can be attached directly to the storage tank or mounted above or beside the storage tank. Electric Element boost is internal to the Storage Tank.

While Solar Hot Water Systems are by far the cheapest to run, they are the most expensive hot water system to install. So the initial outlay cost need to be considered when deciding if solar is right for you.

The two major benefits of installing a Solar Hot Water System are low running costs and environmental benefits.

As you are harnessing the power of the sun to heat the water, you can save up to 75% on running costs.

Why not 100%? They are designed so you don’t run out of hot water, even if they .haven’t been able to generate enough hot water thorough solar. So when this happens, the electric or gas booster kicks in, topping up your hot water.

Most Geelong & Melbourne houses are suitable to install Solar Hot Water Systems.

You can upgrade to Solar as long as your roof is suitable for the solar collectors. Factors include:

  • The roofs pitch
  • Available space on the roof
  • The direction in relation to the sun
  • Any large trees or nearby structures which block the sun

We work with most hot water brands including:

  • Rinnai – including Hotflo, B2B & Infinity 26 Continuous Flow and Sunmaster Solar ranges
  • Rheem Hot Water Systems
  • Dux Hot Water Systems
  • Aquamax Hot Water Systems
  • Bosch Hot Water Systems
  • Vulcan Hot Water Systems
Evacuated tubes for Solar Hot water system
Gas booster and Hot Water Tank for Solar Hot Water System

Other Hot Water Options...

Solar Hot Water SystemsInstantaneous Hot Water SystemsTank Hot Water Systems
Rinnai Hotflow Tank Hot Water System, Can Run On Electricity Or Gas

Tank Hot Water

Electric Tank & Gas Tank Hot Water systems are durable and budget-friendly to install

Rinnai Infinity Continuous Flow Hot Water System Installed On An House's External Wall

Instant Hot Water

Instantaneous Hot Water systems, also known as Continuous Flow, only heat water as needed

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