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Replacing Gas Ducted Heating with Electric Ducted Heating

Looking to replace your Gas Ducted Heating with Electric Ducted Heating?

With the price of gas increasing and electricity becoming a more affordable option, a question we are frequently asked is: what is the electric replacement for Gas Ducted Heating?

The answer is: the electric heating alternative to Gas Ducted Heating is Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning. A perk of this system is it both heats & cools, making it suitable for year-round use.

Another popular questions is: can you convert Gas Ducted Heating to Electric?

The answer is: It’s not a matter of converting your gas system to electric, its a matter of replacing the gas unit (which may be located in your roof or outside) with an electric unit which comprises of 2 parts – an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, like a split system.

Can it use the same ducts as my Gas Ducted Heating?

Not usually. The reason for this being your ducts are unlikely to be rated for heating and cooling, just heating.

However, if you currently have Add On Refrigerated Cooling to your Gas Ducted Heater, there is a chance you may be able to use them. As part of our site assessment, our technicians will be able to let you know.

Another thing to consider when replacing Gas Ducted Heating with Electric heating is the age and condition of your ducts. As Gas Ducted Heating was the most popular choice of whole-home heating in Victoria for a long time, some duct systems are aged. With age, they can de-laminate, collapse or may not have a modern insulation rating, meaning you loose heat on the way to your rooms.

What are the benefits of installing Ducted Reverse Air Conditioning?

Uses Electricity

With the cost of natural gas rising in Victoria, together with a lot of homes now with solar panels on their roofs, or planning to install Solar in the near future, it makes sense to switch to electric heating and cooling.

Save on Servicing & Repairs

Most people with Gas Ducted Heating have an additional source of cooling such as Evaporative Cooling, Add On Cooling or a wall Split system, so they require more than 1 unit to be serviced and repaired.

Ducted Reverse Cycle units are all-in-1 so only the 1 unit needs attending to.

Refrigerated Cooling

It is sometimes called Ducted refrigerated air conditioning as it utilizes refrigerated cooling, meaning you can control what temperature it cools your house to. This is opposed to Evaporative Cooling which, while they are cheap to run, aren’t designed for humid days or allow for precise control of temperature.

Improved, More Affordable Technology

With many countries around the world racing towards renewable energy, along with it has come a focus on improved and more affordable technology which utilizes electricity.

What this means for the home heating and cooling industry is more energy efficient, competitively priced air conditioning systems.

Can you tell me more about Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?

Yes! Visit our Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning page to find out more information, including how much it costs to install and run.

Also make sure you check out our Selection guide which compares running cost to other types of heating & cooling.

Can I talk to a qualified technician about replacing my gas ducted heating with electric ducted heating?

You sure can! You can call us on 1300 146 525 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm or email us any time. We service Geelong, Bellarine, and Melbourne’s West.

We ensure all of our customers get the right advice about what system is best for their house. Our fully-inclusive quotes include everything you need, as assessed by fully qualified, experienced tradesmen.

Contact us for the best solution for your home

Give our friendly office  team a call on 1300 146 525  or use our convenient online Quote Request form

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