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Brivis wall controller troubleshooting guide

Is your Brivis NC6 controller not working?

Or perhaps your controller is working, but your Brivis Gas Ducted Heater, Brivis Evaporative Cooler or Brivis Add on Cooler is not quite right?

Before you lodge a booking with one of our Technicians for repairs, there are a couple of things you can check yourself.

See our troubleshooting guide below.

Hopefully this will fix your issue, but if not, you can give us a call a on 1300 146 525 or fill out an online service request form and we will send out one of our experienced Gas Service Technicians. Please check to see if you are in our Service Area first.

This troubleshooting guide is for the Brivis NC6 controller (see photos below). If you have a different controller or an older unit, your controller may look and work a little differently, but still have a read, you might find it helps.

You can also download a full copy of your System Manual from our website with more detail on how to program your Brivis controller.

Check if it is running on Auto or Manual mode. If it is on Auto mode, it might be running on a timed program, so turn it to Manual mode.

The unit is designed to do this one it reaches the temperature you have set it to. This is to save you on running costs and maintain your ideal temperature.

On the top right of your controller, check the “room” temperature and “set” temperature.

The “set” needs to be higher than the “room” temperature. If it is not, turn the set temperature up. Refer to your  System Manual for how to do this.

The units can run on fan only mode. So you need to ensure you have either heating or cooling mode on.

Make sure the relevant symbols are showing on your controller. If they aren’t you need to turn them on: Fan = symbol of a fan, Heater = symbol of a flame, Add on Cooler = symbol of a snowman, Evaporative Cooler = 3 water drops.

Refer to your  System Manual for how to do this.

A note on Evaporative Coolers – Is your Evaporative Cooler on (3 water droplets are on) and air is coming out of the ducts, but its not cooling your house? Before lodging a service call, consider the weather. Its important to remember Evaporative Coolers are not designed for humid weather. Victoria’s heat is usually dry, making the conditions suitable for energy-efficient Evaporative Cooling. But if we are experiencing a humid day, it means there is a lot of moisture in the air, so the evaporation process can’t work.

On days of high humidity your evaporative cooler works best with the fan on high and perhaps the pump switch turned off. If moisture is building up on tiled or hard surface areas, ensure that airflow from the outlets is directed across the ceiling rather than down towards the floor. Also ensure that you have enough windows and/or doors open.

Evaporative Cooling not for you? The alternative is Refrigerated cooling which gives you precise control over the temperature. Both Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners and wall Split Systems use this technology.

Firstly check if the issue is the power supply or the controller by checking if your circuit breaker in your fuse box has been tripped.

If you have recently had an electrical storm or power surge at your house, you can try re-setting the controller by turning the power off and on at the fuse box, if you are comfortable doing this.

If you have a Brivis Manual or Programmable Controller, they have batteries, so try replacing the batteries.

The Spanner symbol can either be a reminder its time to get a General Service, or indicate there is an issue with your unit.

You can check this by pressing Fn then key 1 on your controller. If it says “Fan run hours indicate it is time for a service call” then you are due for a General Service. Any other error will indicate an issue.

Brivis, recommend your unit gets a General Service every 2 years or 1500 hours of use.

Why get a General Service? The short answer is health, money and warranty. The longer answer is in our post Why Book a General Service

Firstly, do you have zoning? If yes, check if your zoning is turned on. Try turning it off and see if that fixes the issue.

Another common problem is with ductwork. Ducts are the series of silver tubes which direct your heating and cooling throughout your house.

They can come loose from the floor or ceiling outlets, get holes in them if they are old or disconnect from each other in your roof. It is good to note, while Heaters & Add On Coolers can share ducts, Evaporative Coolers have their own ducts.

Duct work issues are not part of the unit, they are part of the installation. So you will need to call a company who can attend to duct work.

At Martin Heating & Cooling we have authorized technicians who can fix mechanical issues with your Brivis unit, as well as installers who can attend to your duct issues.

Sorry, bad news. Error codes generally require a technician.

There are exceptions though. Error code 50 – you can check if the gas supply is turned on. If it is, then you will need a technician.

Error codes 40, 41, 42 and 43 indicate an overheating issue. Check  your return air grill filter (if its dirty, you can clean it!) and you have sufficient number of outlets open. Otherwise, it could indicate an issue with your ducts.

Need a Technician?

Issue fixed? That’s great! If not, give our friendly office support team a call on 1300 146 525 to book in your appointment today or use our online enquiry form.

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