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Clean Your Split System Air Conditioner filter

Cleaning your split system indoor filter/s is something you can do yourself

Most manufacturers recommend cleaning every couple of weeks to ensure you and your family are breathing clean air. It also ensures the machine has no trouble drawing in air, which can lead to operational issues. Watch our easy to follow video or read our step-by-step guide below.


Step-by-step instructions

  1. Turn off the power to the unit via your remote or wall controller.
  2. Locate your split systems indoor filter and remove. If you don’t know where it is located, refer to your user guide.
  3. Use a soft vacuum brush attachment, damp cloth or soft brush to gently clean the filter. Don’t use any chemicals or hot water (lukewarm is ok). If the dirt is difficult to remove, you can rinse it under your tap then gently shake dry.
  4. Leave filter in the shade to dry. Don’t put it in the direct sunlight as this can shrink the filter.
  5. Once dry, slide the filter back in and ensure it is clipped back in.
  6. Don’t forget to turn the power back on!

While outdoor split system units can only be accessed by a qualified technician, what you can do is ensure there are no weeds growing around the unit, or water pooling near it as both of these issues can cause system failures.

What gets done during a professional General Service?

The best way to maintain your split system air conditioner, like any type of heater or cooler, is by having it professionally serviced on a regular basis.

Most manufactures recommend professional servicing every 2 years.

The benefits of servicing by a qualified Refrigerated Service Technician include better performance, prolonged unit lift expectancy and preventing issues from arising.

What gets done during a service varies from model but includes:

  • Checking Refrigerant gas levels (to ensure there are no gas leaks)
  • Clean and test electrical components
  • Clean and test mechanical components
  • Clean filters in both indoor and outdoor units
  • Check for any wear and tear to the components (to prevent breakdowns)
  • Ensure the system is operating efficiently and to manufacturers specifications (to reduce running cost and increase lifespan)
  • Inspect the installation is safe and meets regulations

If you live in Geelong or Melbourne’s West and would like to book a General Service for your Split System, give our friendly staff a call on 1300 146 525 or fill in our enquiry form.

Need a General Service or Repairs?

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